Floating Coats / Mojo Jojo: 1998 - 2002

Many moons ago, it all began … the band’s original incarnation as “rock band extraordinaire,” MOJO JOJO. Okay, their first incarnation was as a KINKS cover band. (“To the brothers, Davies!”) MOJO was officially the second incarnation. From 1998-2002 (with a very brief reunion in 2004), MOJO plied the ATL warehouse party / club circuit leaving euphoria and ringing ears in their wake. Underground legends in their own mind, the scene couldn’t help but root for the band whose only stated ambition was: “hey, maybe we could open for other bands.”

  • Jim “Machine Gun” Threlkeld: Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Voice
  • Joe Peery: Electric Bass, Voice
  • Dave Buckhout: Lead Electric Guitar, Voice
  • Dave “Doc Strange” Strandquest: Drums, Ukulele … Madness!

Cajun Kitchen

December 15, 2000

Last Great Watering Hole

September 4, 2002

Best ‘O the Rest

1999 – 2002