Floating Coats / Prog-Trad: 2002 - 2004

This phase traces the unlikely, often unwieldy, transformation made by the Coats from the rock mayhem of MOJO to acoustic (yes, acoustic) string band. Minus drums, adding a mandolin and pulling the plug on “demon” electricity altogether, the Coats navigated the unpredictable waters residing between old-time traditionals, tin pan alley swing and modern anthems, all in support of originals galore. The 2002-2004 acoustic “experiment” blended progressive with traditional. It would go down in Coats lore as “Prog / Trad.”

  • Jim Threlkeld: Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Fiddle, Voice
  • Joe Peery: Upright Bass, Voice
  • Dave Buckhout: Acoustic Guitar, Voice
  • Joe “B” Buckner: Mandolin, Fiddle, Voice

The Tower

May 4, 2004

Radio Free Georgia (WRFG)

March 16, 2004

Halloween @ The Alcove

October, 2003